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Methods to use to attract users to your website.

By now, we’d say the majority of small businesses with an online presence are fairly clued up on the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO). They’re not necessarily in a position to hire the most expensive SEO agency in London to do the work for them, but they’re aware that properly optimising content for search engines like Google will promote traffic to websites, which puts a greater number of potential customers in front of their brand. Nevertheless, SEO isn’t the only method that can be employed by business owners to ramp up traffic to their site. The goal is to develop relationships with leads or customers. Other techniques may involve some up-front investment, or just a bit of your spare time and energy. The point is to find out which approach works best for your company.

1. Create wide-ranging, high quality content

In our experience of website designing in London, we’ve found that this will play a massive role in any effective SEO campaign – but the power of decent content still goes way further than that. Consumers are drawn to helpful, well-articulated articles that offer genuine value.

2. Make sure your business is listed in online directories

Listing your business on online directories and review sites is a simple way to boost traffic. Most of these sites allow you to build a profile that displays vital information about your company while including a URL link to your website, allowing visitors to check out your business directly.

3. Make more active use of your social media presence

More customer interaction from your own social media channels, in addition to posts to social groups and on message boards, is a good way to direct useful traffic back to your site. Promote blog posts from your website across every social media channel for maximum effect.

4. Try guest blogging on suitable sites

You can guest blog on other blogs or relevant websites, exploring themes that are appealing to your own target audience. When you contribute a guest blog, you are often in a position to display links back to your own site – also helping to generate more traffic to specific posts or pages.

5. Build an email marketing strategy

By adding related links to content and site pages in your own email marketing communications, you can act to guide more carefully targeted traffic back to your site. If you don’t already have a decent email marketing list, you need to build one! Obviously, pay attention to all applicable regulations.